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IQ Option is a vendor that has not been on the market for a long time, but has already achieved a great success in a short time and is also very popular. According to the company's own statements, 1.5 million traders are to be active on the broker's website every day and the broker has a total of 7,000,000 active customer accounts.

IQ Option Scam 2017

Only since 2008 is it also possible for private investors to trade with binary options. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many brokers who are not long on the market. Among these still quite young offerers is also IQ Option. Since 2013 the broker is active and has its seat as well as its regulation as many other brokers also in Cyprus. Anyone wishing to open an account at IQ Option will only need 10 euros as start-up capital, with up to 92% of the winnings being won. Starting from a deposit in the amount of 3.000 euro one becomes the VIP, which brings further advantages. In addition to these attractive conditions, IQ Option knows but also with many other interesting achievements, which are mostly free of charge. For testing, the broker offers a free demo account
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5 Arguments for IQ Option:
Trade offer at IQ Option: IQ Option offers more than 70 assets in two options
Trading Conditions & Minimum Deposit: Open an account from 10 Euro and trade from 1 Euro
Trading platform and mobile trading: trading at home and on the road
Seat and regulation: IQ Option is EU regulated
Deposit and withdrawal: Instant payment is possible
Up to 5,000 euros additional trading capital possible
Demo account: Try all the rest thanks to Demokonto
Service & Education: Support around the clock
Seriousness: How serious is IQ Option?
Conclusion: Our IQ Option experiences - A serious offer
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5 Arguments for IQ Option:

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Regulated by CySEC
Open an account with only 10 Euros
Trading from 1 Euro possible
Up to 92 percent possible profit per trade
Free demo account
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Trade offer at IQ Option: IQ Option offers more than 70 assets in two options

IQ Option offers customers many options to trade with binary options. There are over 70 assets in various categories in the commercial offer. These include around 50 binary options based on equities and 20 on a Forex basis. In addition, 6 indices and 3 commodities are offered. Two options are available: the digital binary options and the turbo options. Yields of 65 to 92 percent are possible for each trade.
As a matter of fact, gains of up to 92 percent are not always part of the daily life, and the average returns are therefore below the stated peak value. Your maximum return is also reduced if you choose a loss management. If a trade goes wrong, then you will get back up to 45% of your investment capital.

Trading Conditions & Minimum Deposit: Open an account from 10 Euro and trade from 1 Euro

IQ Option offers its customers three different accounts to choose from. On the one hand there is the free demo account, with which you can test the possibilities to a limited extent. Real becomes it with the two other Kontovarianten. The so-called real account is to be opened with a deposit of only 10 euros already. If you would like to have a VIP account, you will need a minimum of 3,000 euros. According to the accounts and the deposits, customers are then offered different bonus offers, benefits or preferential withdrawals.
IQ Option is certainly one of the suppliers who offer particularly customer-friendly conditions. Finally, you can already trade binary options with a minimum trading volume of only one Euro and choose both classic options and turbo options. It is usually the case that the brokers offer only Turbo options at such favorable trading conditions.

Yields of up to 92 percent are for call and put options, with binary options being able to select expiration times from five minutes to one month. However, turbo options are less than five minutes apart. Spreads or other order costs are not incurred with IQ Option.

If you want to minimize the risk, you can choose a maximum reimbursement of up to 45% at IQ Option. As a VIP customer, the repayment can amount to a maximum of 60 percent. In addition, you will also receive a higher bonus as well as access to free trading signals and information as well as seminars with a VIP account.

If you are a beginner, IQ Option offers many customer-friendly conditions, like an account from 10 euros and a trade from 1 euro. You can take the risk